Inside Imagine Media: Photo Shoots

About a year ago, our team realized the significance of Photography in Social Media Management. From then on, we’ve worked on perfecting our Social Media Photo Shoot plans to ensure that they run smoothly, and that the client gets the most out of them. On today’s blog, we’re taking you inside Imagine Media Photo Shoot planning. Enjoy!


Step 1: Pick a Date

Now you may say that this is a no-brainer, but choosing a date is an imperative first step when it comes to shooting! We choose our photo shoot dates one month in advance, and log them on our shared Google Calendar. This way, the team and the clients know that a shoot is coming up, and have plenty of time to send product, etc.


Step 2: Secure Models (if needed)

Most Social Media shoots need models, which can be tough to come by at a lower cost. (Luckily, our team has all lent their beautiful faces at one point in time). The good part about Social Media is that we’re trying to portray REAL people in REAL lifestyle scenarios; so reaching out to networks of friends in the Atlanta area is where we start. In the process, we keep a log of models and their information that we’ve used in the past to fall back on. We have also sent out a model call on Instagram if we’re running short, which seems to work too.


Step 3: Create a Photography Brief

A Photography Brief is a place to combine client goals, brainstorming ideas, prop lists and shooting location details so that all of the moving parts of this equation are on the same page. A helpful addition that we love is an inspiration/mood board page to express our goals visually. 


Step 4: Prop Shopping!

This is the fun part. All good photo shoots have beautiful props, and a way that we make this part collaborative is to send the Photography Brief to the team and have everyone claim items that they can bring in.


Step 5: Pre-Shoot Planning

We head to our shoots about an hour before the shoot actually starts to plan potential shots with the photographer. The more pre-planning, the smoother the shoot!


Step 6: Shoot

The key to successful shooting is to have a positive, fun photographer who makes the models feel at home, while also finding the right angles and styling opportunities that works with their personal style, but also portrays exactly what the client is looking for.


Step 7: That’s a Wrap!

Wrapping up a successful shoot is such a fun feeling, and we always make sure to send the models hand written thank you notes for their time. Then we sit back, relax, and let our awesome photographer do her magic with editing before we send over the Dropbox of Images to our client.


Here are some clients who we shoot monthly. Enjoy their pics and have a wonderful rest of your day! 

Country Club Prep | Kirk KaraLucy's MarketErika ReadeSportabellaLily Grace