Social Shoppers

Malls are dying in big cities and small towns, but retail remains king in the US of A. Instead of spending weekends fighting for parking and wandering store-to-store. more consumers are looking to their smart phones for the latests trends and deals. More and more, these shoppers turn to online media to research products, compare prices, and buy the products they want.

These social shoppers are making a big splash in the marketing world, as roughly $138 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2014 alone. And since 41% of Internet users have purchased some sort of product online, shopping via apps and new social media platforms is increasingly becoming the new norm.

The Latest Trends in eCommerce

*Pinterest: Now offering buyable pins for Shopify-run platforms

*Spring: This easy-to-use app helps you discover and shop brands based on your filtered likes and styles. 

*Instagram: The latest app update streamlines brand's abilities to drive website traffic straight from an Instagram image. 


By: Maija Ehlinger