Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2018

We all know how quickly social media changes. It seems like every week there’s another update or a completely new feature that brands shuffle to capitalize on (to us, that’s part of the fun!). As 2017 winds down and comes to a close, Social Media Today reached out to some of the movers and shakers in PR and digital marketing to get their takes on what will be big in 2018. They drew up a handy infographic to share what trends are starting to gain traction, which ones seem like they’ll remain strong and more.
BONUS: Interested in how 2017 lived up to its predictions back in 2016? We’d say it was pretty spot on. View that infographic below too.


Now throw it back to 2016 and see what the 2017 social trends were predicted to be:

social media 2017 prediction.jpg

Story By: Kris Martins