Social Media Advertising Spend Up 60% in 2017

According to a recent report from 4C Insights, brands have spent 60% more on social media advertising in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. The report looked at the spend of 900 brands across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Brands were also more likely to say social was a core part of their advertising strategy than a year ago.

It’s not surprising that more brands are spending more dollars to take advantage of all the branding, sales and awareness potential on social media. Because Q1 of 2017 saw major social media platforms hit all kinds of milestones and introduce some big updates. Instagram announced it now has 1 million advertisers and 700 monthly users, Pinterest introduced search ads and app download ads, Snapchat launched its initial public offering and more.

The report also provided tips, backed by research, to help brands effectively leverage ads on social media. The tips included:

  1. Go live. Advertisers have never had so many options to reach their audience live and in real time. Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and now Facebook Stories all offer opportunities to reach different audiences with your message.

  2. Embrace urgency. Attention spans and people’s social behaviors are moving at an incredibly fast rate, with videos that disappear 24 hours after posting being the norm. Keep pace with consumers by offering limited-time sales and using eye-catching creative that immediately grabs the attention of the viewer.

  3. Employ multi-channel marketing. 85% of consumers use multiple screens to consume content online and it’s important to reach them wherever they go.

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Story by: Kelsey Thompson