Snapchat x Amazon


Just when you thought you had that budget under control, Snapchat went and added a quick and easy shopping feature to their app. After recently adding the Shazam feature, they’re committed to upgrading their app.

This week, Snapchat announced that they will be partnering with Amazon by adding a new e-commerce feature in the app. This new addition is similar to the Pinterest Lens tool which also allows users to scan items and redirect them to a website for purchase. Rather than having a free-range product library like Pinterest, Snapchat will redirect users straight to the Amazon product library.

While users are in the app, it’s as simple as taking a picture and you can have a brand new pair of shoes headed your way. Amazon is trusted by many and has over 560 million listed products online which could lead to a huge success if the identification tools work correctly.

Recently, Snapchat has been under pressure because of a reported decline in daily users in its most recent report. In comparison, Pinterest has shown rapid growth at a much faster rate than Snapchat. By leveraging this feature, Snapchat could increase usage tremendously and become a key competitor in this space.

We’ll keep you updated on how successful this addition will be for the app considering Pinterest has an audience dedicated to shopping, but this could lead to a whole new path for the Snapchat!

Story By: Madeline Adair