By now everyone has seen the Instagram upgrade, stories, but now what everyone is wondering is if it will kill Snapchat? In short, the answer is no. Instagram stories was launched on August 2, 2016. It is a new feature that sits at the top of your feed. You can add to your own story by swiping the screen to the left or touching the addition sign inside a circle on the top left corner of your feed. When you add a photo or video to your story you can draw and add text to the photo pretty easily. The photo or video is a maximum of 10 seconds and will stay on your feed for 24 hours. 



Instagram stories will be a great for accounts with large audiences. The accounts will be able to market differently by showcasing short clips of everyday moments in the office or behind the scenes looks at new products. Instead of followers having to switch to Snapchat to see these types of moments, they will be able to see everything in one place. Instagram stories have an open API which means that you can openly such for people to follow and Instagram can make suggestions off of the people you follow. Snapchat does not have an open API, meaning that you need a phone number or username to friend them. This is a disadvantage for Snapchat because it makes it a little harder for people to find each other or people to find companies.

With all that said, Snapchat won’t be dying anytime soon and Instagram is continuing to innovate and giving their audience what they want. More companies are likely to cut back on Snapchat usage and increase their Instagram presence with stories and classic photos. Let us know what you think will be more popular in the comments below!