Snapchat Adds Lenses to Desktops


While the latest news from Snapchat’s earnings report isn’t ideal for the 1.5  billion dollar company, their newest update ensures that their grasp on teen users is still right at their fingertips.

Snapchat recently announced the addition of lenses to desktops in hopes to boost awareness of lens tools. With the goal of building awareness about the lens feature, Snapchat also wants to highlight the ever-growing popularity of user-created lenses. With over 250,000 community lenses, users have a lot of options to choose from. Lens Studio allows artists, students and Snapchat users to unleash their creativity and design lenses. By simply introducing these tools to your desktop, Snapchat is boosting exposure of these tools.

So exactly how do these lenses work? First of all, Snapchat doesn’t require log-in to use them meaning the usage of these lenses won’t contribute to one’s personal Snapchat usage metrics. Simply download the Snap Camera App and select the Snap Camera as your output device for your 3rd party desktop application of choice

Snapchat is forever changing the way people communicate making video chatting and live streaming that much more interesting and creative.

Story By: Marissa Rubin