Snap!! We Can't Wait To Get Our Hands On These Spectacles

Hey Snap - nice to meet you!

If you haven’t already heard, Snapchat reinvented itself last week and dropped the chat, Snap, just Snap. On top of this new nickname they introduced a new wearable camera! Wearable camera? Yeah - you know like the Google Glass but these new “Spectacles” cost $130 and are SOOO much more stylish. Take a look for yourself:

The trendy frame resembles the youthful audience Snap is aiming for. Different from Google Glass, Spectacles are supposed to be a consumer product and not just meant for Silicon Valley techies. And for this new product fashion comes first.

So we know they look cool - but what do they really do? The glasses have a wireless camera that syncs up with your mobile device. With a little tap on your glasses you can record your point of view of a concert, dinner party, or tropical destination - where ever you are in the world. Many are saying that these glasses are the first step in bringing augmented-reality into the mainstream.

Us Imagineers are pretty excited about the possibilities the new Specs could bring to our business. We’re pumped  to get our hands on the next “new” thing and see how we can apply it to the world of social media marketing! Stay tuned...