Slaying the Instagram Game Part 1: Rule of Thirds


There are more than enough apps readily available to download that will help you step up your Instagram game. In the words of Beyonce (or should I say “word”), in order to ‘slay’ your Instagram feed, you must learn the basics first. There is a lot that goes into setting or styling your perfect picture, but in order to reach ‘Waiting on Martha status’ (yes, we’re big fans!) it’s important to nail down a few basic skills first.

In our recent Lunch and Learn led by yours truly, we covered the basics of Instagram styling and composition. For those who may not know, a strong composition is crucial to a successful work of art. To put it simply, a composition is the arrangement of elements in a photograph. You don’t have to be a artistic whiz to know when an image isn’t appealing or enticing. Even though you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is or isn’t that you like about a photograph or piece of artwork, you know there’s a sense, or lack there of, of unity or harmony about it. Well composed photos, flat lays, and artworks feel balanced, interesting, and have a sense of order and organization to them regardless of how many elements are in the composition. So, we’ll give you a tool to use to help enhance your Instagram game and will come back later for the second part in this ‘we’re-not-sure-how-many-part’ series to give you a few more.

1. Rule of Thirds- This is one of the easiest and most efficient tools to learn. I mean, Apple even gives this tool to you on your iPhone camera, so it’s gotta be good to know, right? When taking a photo, imagine there are two vertical lines that cross two horizontal lines on the frame to form 9 different squares.

Courtesy of Simple as That Blog

Courtesy of Simple as That Blog

In order to achieve balance, your focal point or points should cross at an intersection of these lines. Hint: You can have more than one focal point.

It can be quite confusing, but you have to take our word for it. Nail this down, and you’re well on you way to becoming the next Freddy Cisneros (insert wink emoji here). We can go on and on with an art lesson, but that would be a lot of reading in one sitting. Stay tuned for more coming in the series of achieving your perfect Instagram Post!

Story By: Margaret Cady