#Should #You #Use #Hashtags #On #Facebook?

Well, not like that you shouldn’t. And in most cases, you really shouldn’t use them at all.

According to a recent article by Social Media Today, (based on original recommendations from Buffer blogger Kevan Lee) Facebook hashtags are confusing at best, and at worst detrimental. Lee’s advice can really be boiled down into one simple fact:

Facebook posts without a hashtag fare better than those with a hashtag.

While that statement makes it seem easy to write off hashtags on Facebook completely, it is still worthwhile to test them out. Some audiences might react better to hashtags than others. If you are trying to promote a brand-related hashtag on other platforms, it might help spread awareness to include the hashtag on Facebook posts.

Hashtags can even be useful in certain situations, such as events and promotions and when they are already associated with a topic, like those in Facebook’s “Trending News” section.

So, what’s the take-away? Much like eating Nutella out of the jar, Facebook hashtags should be used carefully and sparingly and are better suited some situations than others.

Written by: Kelsey Thompson