Shoppable Instagram


With our world becoming more digital every day, we see every platform making updates to increase engagement. Instagram, in particular, has been a social media app that is dedicated to creating new tools and features to increase engagement.

Instagram recently added a feature where you can tag and sell products on their site. With this new feature, it allows the business to tag up to five products per photo and twenty photos in a carousel. This allows the user to quickly see the individual product and visit a direct link to the product on the website.

With this feature, followers no longer need to search through a website looking for a particular item they saw on a business’ Instagram feed. It makes online shopping more efficient, and the consumer is more likely to come back since they did not experience frustration in searching for one product.

Instagram is also testing out shopping on their Stories with product stickers. Users are able to get access to the products and shop from the Stories on a business’ Instagram account. This will be released in the near future since most users are watching Instagram Stories to stay up-to-date with brands they are interested in. This is a great investment on Instagram’s side since businesses are able to market a great deal of product on their website.

Another feature in Instagram’s pipeline is the prospect of creating an entirely separate Instagram app dedicated to shopping. The app would allow users to browse products from Instagram accounts that they follow and then purchase those products directly within the app.

Instagram has been a booming platform for millennials and with a new way to shop it will be easier to find products. We know it can be hard for some users as we make a shift into a more marketed online industry, but these features on Instagram will add a great deal of value to the Instagram consumer experience. We are excited for the new features to come and how they will allow both large and small businesses to market their product and establish a media presence.

Story By: Kelsey Currie