Shopify Expands Shoppable Instagram Posts to 1000s More Merchants


Thanks to Shopify, holiday shopping just got a heck of alot easier! Earlier this month, the commerce giant announced it would be expanding Shoppable Instagrams to thousands more merchants. After introducing the shopping tags late last year and testing the feature with a few hand-selected brands for the majority of 2017, Shopify is now giving even more businesses the opportunity to continue to grow through Social Media through this simple shop tool—All while never having users leave the app.

And the timing could not be more perfect. For most, holiday shopping has already begun and if all goes as planned, this update could be the change consumers and merchants are hoping to see when it comes to shopping as a whole. So, how is it used exactly? By tapping on the Instagram post, users are given the option to "shop now" and from there, the brand's site is opened through Instagram's in-app browser.


According to a study by Adweek in March of this year, the average Instagram user spends around 15 minutes per day on the app. If Instagram is already a notable driver of Shopify traffic, then we can only imagine the benefits businesses will see to their sales. Unfortunately, this feature isn't available to everyone just yet, but the plan to expand for even more brands is in the near future.

Story by: Margaret Cady