Share Posts to Stories on Instagram

Instagram has officially launched a new feature that enables users to reshare an Instagram post with their friends via Instagram Stories. This will allow users to provide their own feedback or commentary on a post, without having to put the post in their profile's permanent feed.

We’re so excited to see how this feature will be used by audiences to engage with our partners! We can only imagine how useful this will be when announcing items on your Christmas list, sharing with friends a photo of food to entice them to join you at your favorite restaurant, or brag about a professional service you recently used.

To share a post to your Stories, simply tap on the paper airplane icon below the photo, and click “Add post to your story.” You can customize the background color by swiping left and add your own text, stickers, or GIFs.

Once published, the Story will credit the original poster with a link back to their Instagram profile and appear in your Instagram Stories for 24 hours.

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Story By: Sophie Duncan