How to Create Facebook Ads in 3 Steps


If you’ve tried to start running ads on social media and got overwhelmed, we get it. With so many terms and steps used for setting up ads on Facebook, it can be tricky to know what to do. Understanding the process of creating ads is the best place to start. We're breaking down the structure of setting up a campaign to help you become a digital advertising pro. 

Image via  Facebook Business

Campaign level

The first step is to pick your campaign objective. This is the broadest “group” in creating an ad. Here, you can choose your campaign goal and title. All other steps will fall under this level. 

There are a lot of options to choose from for your campaign objective. You can set website traffic, post engagement, brand awareness or Page likes as your goal. Align your campaign objective with your business goals to pick the option that will best support your overall efforts.

While you can run multiple campaigns at one time, they’re independent of each other. The objectives are different depending on what type of campaign you want to run, and there can only be one objective per campaign. 

Ad group level

Within a campaign, you can set up multiple ad groups. This is where you set audience targeting options, budgets and schedules. If you wanted your ads to reach different groups of people with the same overall goal, creating multiple ad groups in one campaign is the way to go. 

Creating separate ad groups lets you choose which audiences you want to invest more in. You put can have different budgets for different audience groups, allowing you to have complete control over which audiences you want your ads to be shown to and for how much. 

Ad level

The final level in a campaign is the ad level. Here you decide the photos and text that social media users see. There can be multiple ads per ad group. This setup lets you test out different ads to the same people and see which ones resonate the best.

You can also show different ads to different ad groups, as well as have multiple ads within a single ad group. This allows you to test different ideas to see which ads perform best for different audiences.

Now that you know the organization of advertising on social media, we’re excited to see how your ads perform! We’re always happy to help, too, if you need an extra hand getting your social media marketing efforts where you want them to be. Get in touch.

Story By: Keagan Ross