Reinventing the Modern Workspace

   When you think of the traditional American office, it tends to be that cubical, black suit and tie, creative sucking environment depicted in movies and lived by many. Far from that - Industrious is meant to spark ideas and to inspire collaboration. It’s a space that goes far beyond a desk and chair and delivers a millennial-friendly destination where creative companies and young talent thrive. 

   Industrious carved us out an office here at, Ponce City Market where 30,000 square feet is dedicated to a live-work-play environment. The market’s nearly century old structure offers history and character. “Ponce is where everyone seems to want to be,” said Community Coordinator Florence Hudson. Not only do members have access to private offices and shared conference rooms but there’s an indoor park, a meditation space and even a “secret” door that opens into another room. Office events are held frequently to help boost the moral. We all know that Wednesday are a middle of the week drag, but thank the Lord we can look forward to happy hour at the office - beer and’s the perfect combination of motivation and relaxation. What else could you ask for? Oh well maybe the free massages once a month or the catered lunches, coffee tastings and free give-aways. 

   With such a wide range of businesses there is constantly opportunities to learn and connect. Pinterest is right next door and Pivotal is down the hall. “We want a diverse background. We want our community to know about others,” said Justin Stewart, a Co-Founder of Industrious Office. 

   For us imagineers a tradition cubical farm simply won’t do, Industrious is the perfect place to get creative and social - we feel right at home!