Round of Tequila Shots, Anyone?

Spending your National Tequila Day at Tin Lizzy's? Make sure you're taking shots the right way with tips from our friends over at the Huffington Post!

1. Tequila is meant to be sipped, which is a lot easier said than done. The key to enjoying tequila is not to fill your mouth with salt and chug it down. Take it slow and enjoy the taste.

2. Tequila DOES taste different! Looking for a more woody taste? Lean towards reposado tequilas  or añejos. Want a spicier taste? Silver and blanco tequila is the way to go.  

3. Tequila made outside of Mexico is simply known as an "agave spirit". Similar to how champagne made outside of Champagne, France is considered "sparkling wine."

4. Tequila has been proven to lower the levels of cholesterol. So the next time you're drinking that margarita, just think about how healthy you're being! 

Does this post have you craving a little tequila with your weekend? You're in luck! Tin Lizzy's is celebrating National Tequila Day with tequila flights! It's a dream come true. Mix and match 3 Avion tequila shots for $10 or 4 for $13. Pair that with queso, lobster tacos and more delicious "flex-mex"cuisine, and you'll be on the flight of your dreams. (You probably should just call in sick to work now). 

Written by: Hannah Baumgarten