Remote Year: Month 4

Does anyone else feel like the calendar skipped a couple of days (weeks?) in September to make this month fly by?

No? Just me?

Whether you’re in Green Day’s camp and just waiting for September to end or want it to go on forever (I’m in the latter group– in case you’re curious), it’s time to recap another leg in my Remote Year journey: month 4 in Prague, and the end of the European portion of the year. Next month, I’ll shift continents, time zones, cuisines and cultures to spend four months in cities across Asia.

But back to this month, first! Prague is truly a fairly tale come to life, with castles and palaces, old fortresses, beautiful architecture everywhere you look and tons of hidden gems. There is so much to explore and more history than even a history nerd like me could cover in a single month.

I think I’ve said it just about every month, but Prague might be my favorite city so far. Check out some of the lessons learned, adventures had and discoveries made throughout my time here:

  • Prague’s public transportation is the best. I’m not the first to say it and I certainly won’t be the last, but Atlanta seriously needs to work on its public transportation game. Ideally by just copying Prague’s.

  • The coworking space in Prague, K10, is based in an old Danish embassy, aka a beautiful old estate with a huge garden. I loved having the option of working outside all day, especially in the beautiful early fall weather.

  • I lived farther from the coworking space, and most of the other Remotes, this month, which I didn’t love. However, there was a common room with a TV so I could stay mostly up-to-date on Bachelor in Paradise, so it all worked out.

  • I didn’t even realize how much I missed Mexican food until I went to Las Adelitas, the Mexican restaurant just down the street from my office. Chips and guac has never tasted so good and that is saying something.

  • The Czech language is HARD and I have so much respect for anyone who can speak it. I even struggled to communicate with basics I usually pick up quickly in other languages, like “thank you” and “hello”

  • No matter where you walk in Prague, it is absolutely gorgeous. Many of the buildings are bright and multi-colored, brightening up even rainy days. Many are also old and ornate, with beautiful details. It made the long walk to the office or to Old Town easy to enjoy.

  • There were so many touristy things to do and sights to see that I mostly kept up with my goal of waking up early and using my morning free time this month. I also kept up with my goal of getting more comfortable with networking, thanks to some help from others in my group.

  • Though I absolutely loved Prague, I also took advantage of its central location by doing more traveling this month, taking time to visit Amsterdam, Budapest, Munich and Boheman Switzerland (a region of the Czech Republic about 2 hours outside of Prague.)


I’m taking this week to do last-minute to-do items before saying a bittersweet goodbye (and, hopefully, see you later!) to Prague and hello to Hanoi. Check back here next month for another recap!

Story by: Kelsey Thompson