Remote Year: An Introduction


Hey, everyone! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Kelsey and I’m a Digital Media Specialist at Imagine Media. When I’m not calculating percent increases, creating social media ads or reading up on the latest digital marketing trends & research, you can usually find me running on the Beltline, eating on a patio somewhere or booking a flight for my next trip (or at least daydreaming about it!)

I’ve always loved traveling, which is why I am so incredibly excited to embark on my next adventure with Imagine Media: working remotely for a year while traveling to 12 different cities in 11 countries. I’ll be traveling with a program called Remote Year, so I’ll be living and working with 40 new friends in each city.

With my departure date rapidly approaching (it’s nine days away, in case you were wondering), I’m knocking out what feels like a million to-do items and setting goals– personal and professional– for what I want to accomplish during this experience.

One of my biggest goals for the year is to document my experiences, starting with this blog post. Check back here every month for an update from each city. I also listed my full itinerary below– so let me know if you have any recommendations!

June 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

July 2018

Belgrade, Serbia

August 2018

Split, Croatia

September 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

October 2018

Hanoi, Vietnam

November 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand

December 2018

Kyoto, Japan

January 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

February 2019

Lima, Peru

March 2019

Medellín, Colombia

April 2019

Bogotá, Colombia

May 2019

Mexico City, Mexico

Story by: Kelsey Thompson