Reiterating the #Importance of the #Hashtag

 #, Hashtag, octothorp (the what?! More about it’s proper name here) pound sign, number sign, #blessed; whatever you want to call it, the power of the #hashtag cannot be ignored. We get it, we’ve all had the same questions and concerns when it comes to it’s proper use and it’s effectiveness, but the truth is, it is one of the most vital tools, if not the most vital tool, in Social Media marketing. 

When they were first used by Twitter in 2007 as a way to group online conversations, it was a little hard for people to comprehend. I mean, it did seem a little silly and a little unnecessary, and who could have possibly predicted the virility of using this little symbol? It’s not like it matters whether you use one in your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook post, right? Well actually, that couldn’t be more wrong, and we are going to explain the importance of it to you here. For those of you who still need a little introduction as to what the #hashtag is exactly, we think this article from Mashable is the perfect place to start. Now, let’s get to the reasons why it’s crucial for you, as a business owner, influencer, social media newby, etc. to be using the #Hashtag.

1.  It’s a way for you to be discovered. By using key hashtags that relate to your business and/or post, you are opening your business up to a new world of discovery. If you work in the real estate industry, like clients Kim Adair, Inman Park Realty, and Wynd Realty, for example, by using the hashtag #Realtor or #RealEstate, you’ve allowing anyone in any part of the world to discover you. Yes, that may seem a little broad, but that’s why it’s important to add in a few more precise hashtags according to location or specialty. For these clients, we suggest using #GeorgiaRealEstate, #GeorgiaRealtor, #InmanPark, #AtlantaRealty, #AtlantaRealtor… You get the picture..

2. By creating a custom hashtag, you’re able to compile all of the posts associated with your company in one place. Take the companies above. By incorporating custom hashtags into your strategy, such as #InmanParkRealty, #WyndRealty, or #KimSuttonAdair, you’ve created a specific group that anyone can contribute to. Clients, potential clients, friends, employees, and many more are now able to use that custom hashtag to continue adding to this awesome group that took little effort to create.

3. Joining the conversation. You've seen our posts about #NationalDays and even a blog post here. There's pretty much a national day for everything nowadays, so what perfect what to continue to throw yourself and your brand out there by joining the #Conversation (sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!). 

Story By: Margaret Cady