Refresh Yourself & Your Creativity

Have you been stumped on a problem you just can’t see a solution for? Perhaps you have recurring migraines or anxiety that is keeping you awake at night?

If this sounds at all familiar, you may just be on the brink of burnout. In our pursuit of the American dream, we place a lot of value on being busy… and often we forget the impact this has on our body. If you find yourself stuck in a creative rut, and it’s as if your body is running on empty… here are a few ideas to try out:

1. Meditation. 

This may be one of the most counterintuitive and difficult ways to refresh… but it is also one of the least controversial areas in science. Psychologists agree across the board that meditation is beneficial. That being said, it isn’t easy to sit somewhere for any length of time and be ok with not doing anything. This very simple idea may just be the most profound way to create change in your life. If you are looking for an app to get you started, check out Headspace.

2.  Get outside! 

Get outside! Not only does Vitamin D from sunlight aid your body in fighting diseases a number of studies have shown that getting outside in nature can directly increase your productivity, cognitive function, and creativity. So go on a hike, a walk, or a bike ride and reconnect with the outdoors.

3. Do something you love. 

Sometimes we get so busy doing all the things we HAVE to do, we completely cut out doing any of the things we WANT to do. We tell ourselves that doing these things is selfish and that there are too many things we need to do. Spending time “playing” can actually directly benefit your productivity. So pick up that hobby you stopped doing, or try that activity you’ve always wanted to attempt.

4. Take a sabbath. 

It’s a bit of an old fashioned idea… but I’ve been trying it out, and it’s truly revolutionizing my life. Sometimes, you just need to take a day. Put aside the schoolwork, chores, work you brought home and take one whole day to refresh. Catch up with a friend for coffee, take that new book to a coffee shop, or set up a hammock at the park... Just do something that refuels you. Whether you do it once a month or are able to do it once a week, you may just be surprised by how it affects the rest of your week.

Psychologist Guy Winch asks, “We brush and floss, but what daily activity do we do to maintain our psychological health?” We do other things to to maintain our physical health and hygiene but often we forget about the vital need to refresh our mental health. Whether or not any of these work for you, try incorporating some small adjustment to help refresh your soul.  

Story By: Samuel Landis