Reddit Or Not...

When communications director Victoria Taylor was fired from the popular sharing site, Reddit, the site moderators anticipated changes in the rhythm and content of the company. However, what they did not expect was the massive blackout which occurred as protest to the "without notice" firing of the popular employee. Many users and some coordinators set their subreddits to private which made them inaccessible to users. 

Major subreddits including: /r/gaming, /r/askreddit, and /r/AmA (Ask Me Anything) were set to private. The site wrote up an explanation for the unavailabe section citing that the Ask Me Anything subreddit has been made unavailable while moderators work to "restructure" their process for AMA's. Some sections, such as /r/videos were quickly recovered from the blackout with promises of discussion and improved communication between higher ups and the rest of the company.

Victoria Taylor, the former employee made a statement on Twitter regarding the situation. She wrote "Thank you to everyone for their good wishes and support. Love you guys." She also took to Reddit to respond the user questions. She was not alone. Co-founder of the site, Alexis Ohanian started a sub-thread stating that the message behind the blackout was received "loud and clear" and made promises to improve the level of communication within the company. Ohanian made no comments on the specifics of Taylor's being let go, but made a point to say that while the nature of her departure would obviously cause some changes to her Reddit section (Ask Me Anything) that the section thrived before her and would surely continue to thrive after her. 

The moderators of the site try to keep a hands-off approach in running Reddit, allowing users to post freely and promote their own conversations. This is a result of backlash experienced in the past when administration attempted to moderate offensive subreddits. 


Sources: Mashable and NPR