Recap of Twitter’s 2019 #BrandBowl

Not all the action during the Big Game was happening on the field. Every year, Twitter announces winners from its #BrandBowl, a competition between brands to see who inspired the most engagement and activity on Twitter during the big game.

This year, apart from memorable performances by Adam Levine’s tattoos and Sponge Bob’s ‘Sweet Victory,’ we saw some impressive and surprising campaigns by a number of brands. Hint: All winners leveraged video content in their tweets

Here’s the rundown on this year’s winners:


MVP: Planters

The brand with the overall highest percentage of brand-related Tweets during ‎#SB53. It’s campaign featured Alex Rodriguez and Charlie Sheen.

Blitz: Bud Light and Game of Thrones

The brand(s) that drove the highest velocity of Tweets per minute. This tie-in gave the people what they wanted, and whether they wanted a cold Bud Light or the hit HBO series more is still up for debate.

QuarterBack: Marvel Studios

The brand with the most Retweets on a single tweet during the big game. Avengers’ star-studded trailer tantalized fans on the upcoming release.

Interception: Frank’s Red Hot

The brand without a national TV spot that drove the highest percentage of brand conversation.

Frank’s AD Sweepstake made the most of other companies’ advertisements by placing themselves in the middle of every other brand  conversation.

Video Replay: Verizon

The brand that drove the most video views on a single Tweet starting at midnight on Jan. 28 through the final whistle. Verizon captured our attention and our hearts with their tribute to First Responders.

Vertical winners from each industry:


These brands generated the highest percentage of in-game brand conversation by industry.

Whether it’s creating content that surprises your audience or pulls at their heartstrings or how to invade other brands’ content, there’s a lot to learn from these brands. Read more about how these brands brought their A game with their Twitter strategy from Twitter’s Official Report.

What was some of your favorite branded content from the Super Bowl?

Story By: Jillian Radcliffe