Recap: Double Tap the Keg #2

If you weren’t able to make it to our Double Tap the Keg event last week, this post is will help minimize your FOMO and fill you in on everything that you missed at the event. If only we could pour you a nice Vienna Lager from Devils Backbone... too bad we drank it all!

Last time, we talked all things influencers. We switched it up for this event and dove into a topic that is up and coming in the world of technology and social media: augmented and virtual reality. What is the difference? How can businesses get in on this technology? Are there any benefits of using it? And what does the future look like?

We had a great panel to discuss all of this and answer all of our questions. Jamie Clarke from Skignz represented the augmented side of things, Dave Beck from Foundry45 offered the virtual reality point of view, and in the middle was Elizabeth Strickler, a communications professor and expert from Georgia State University.

For those who don't know the difference (we sure didn't!), augmented reality is media that gets information from real life, whereas virtual reality puts you in an entirely different space via a headset (for now). If you've ever seen Black Mirror... we're not too far from it!

The relationship between augmented reality and virtual reality is complicated, but both sides agreed that this is where media and communications are moving. Soon we will be able to look through our phones for more in-depth information, or instead of watching television, we will be immersed in the setting of our favorite show.

As for the business side of things, both augmented and virtual reality are being used now by cities, banks, and tourism industries. Instead of visiting a new city, you can go there through virtual reality headsets. Or, by contrast, you can see the new city through someone else's point of view through augmented reality.

We hope you enjoyed this Double Tap the Keg as much as we did. If you have a suggestion for the next type of panel you would like to hear from, please let us know!