Reach vs. Impressions

We know that social media jargon can be tough to keep up with. That's why we do our best to effectively explain social media return on investment (ROI) to our partners. Our insightful and meticulous Digital Media Coordinator, Kelsey, creates monthly reports, interactive videos and other resources for our clients to better understand how our efforts and partnership are in fact effective.

In other words, we love showing our partners how our strategic social media implementations are reaching their target audiences.

If you're measuring ROI on social media, you are most likely aware that it's important to track impressions and reach. However, these two terms are commonly confused or used interchangeably in the social media realm.

Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed whereas reach is the number of people who see your content. Meaning, your number of impressions are going to most likely be higher due to the fact that one viewer can have multiple impressions of the same content. It is more common for the same person to see a specific post multiple times (impressions) than for every single one of your individual followers to see said post (reach).

Though impressions and reach are similar, they are both important to track. However, reach is typically valued over impressions because reach is a measurement of your engaged audience. Click here to learn more about reach and impressions and how they vary with each form of social media or go here to check out our ultimate Social Media Glossary.

Story by: Devyn Lamon