Reach New Audiences on Facebook: The Power of People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends

Want to reach a new audience that is more likely to engage with your business and make purchases? “People who like your page and their friends” is a frequently overlooked way to reach new audiences on Facebook.

The audience’s secret weapon is that it automatically incorporates word of mouth marketing. Every time the ad is served to a “friend” of a fan, it will show which of their Facebook friends like the page. It’s a free endorsement from someone they actually know, which is a powerful motivator to learn more. It is also what differentiates this targeting option from the somewhat similar Lookalike and Custom Audience options.

Whether boosting a post or creating an ad, it is possible to apply additional targeting to the page fans and their friends audience. Narrowing down the audience by location, age and interests makes it more effective and helps ensure you do not waste resources by serving ads to people outside your desired demographic.

Page fans and their friends is not a perfect targeting option, of course. It will inevitably include people who already like your business page and are aware of your brand already. There are a few specific situations in which this audience option will serve you best:

1. You have a lot of (quality) Facebook fans. This option won’t help much if the audience is too small or includes fans who are unengaged and uninterested in your brand.

2. You want to reach new people with a high likelihood of taking a specific action. Friends of fans are more likely to use a promo code or sign up for a newsletter than someone without a friend’s endorsement.

3. You want to grow your fan base. Boosting a post or serving an ad to friends of your current page fans is an effective way to gain more page likes.

If your page and your goal match any of these criteria, give this targeting option a try. Otherwise, keep growing your Facebook fan base and come back to it down the road.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson