#TipTuesday: Up Your Tweet Game With These Quick Twitter Tips

Twitter lovers, this one's for you! Whether you're managing multiple company accounts or building your personal brand on Twitter, following these guidelines can help you boost engagement and followership in a few short steps. We heard once that the lifecycle of a tweet can sometimes be as small as a few seconds, and with all of the interesting info you have to share, that just won't do. Give these quick tips a try, and watch the favorites, retweets and followers flood in. 

  • Less than 100 characters = +17% engagement
  • Tweeting during business hours = +30% engagement 
  • Tweeting during the weekend = +17% engagement
  • Pay attention to the time of day that your marketplace is relevant, and tweet then
  • Including an image = 35% more retweets
  • Including a video = 28% more retweets
  • When uploading a video, upload it natively (no more linking to Youtube!)
  • Using a call to action like "Please Retweet" = 23X more retweets
  • Use Twitter cards to provide more information in each tweet
  • 2 hashtags = 2X the engagement
  • Create your own hashtag
  • Host a Twitter Chat
  • Engage!

Our job here is done. Happy Tweeting!