Quarter 3: Imagine University


This quarter the Imagineers have been working hard on a new concept that we’ve introduced to the Imagine Media culture: Imagine University. Each week we have collaborated as a team to create emails that will be sent out to our new hires in a drip campaign style over the first three months of their time with us. Each weekly email has a theme and subsections that expand upon that theme. The teammates receive the emails on Monday and to reinforce the learning, each email also has action items that the teammate will be responsible for completing by the end of the week. We’ve found that this system of information delivery is working well to help our new teammates assimilate into the Imagine Media culture.

In addition to the emails, each month is also accompanied by a book for suggested reading related to the overall theme. The three books we included are How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. They are intended to complement the learning that results from the weekly emails.

We structured the program in a way that each month has an overarching theme, with the weekly emails reinforcing that theme. Month one focuses on internal topics, month two focuses on external topics, and month three highlights development, both personal and professional. Within those topics, we cover everything from our office dress code to how to foster partner relationships to how to approach goal setting in a methodical way. We’ve found that this ongoing education is really helpful for our new teammates to ensure that the learning continues beyond their formal one-on-one training with their leadership team.

As we approach the third month of 2018 quarter three, we’re excited to wrap up this awesome group project and continue observing how it benefits our new teammates as they get settled in their new roles. Another fun and perhaps unexpected result of this project has been the opportunity for teammates who don’t typically interact day-to-day to have the chance to work together and learn more about each other. Imagine University has been a super fun endeavor and we’re so proud to look back on this unique project that we created together as a team. If you’re interested in ways to foster your company culture, look out for a save the date announcement about our October Double Tap the Keg series. We’ll be hosting a panel of professionals who will be diving into company culture: How to establish it, how to foster it and how to continue to surprise and delight your team.

Story By: Sophie Duncan