Purple Rain Pours in Viral Devastation of Prince's Death

Cries were heard, and devastation was made public with the viral movement following our beloved Prince’s death on April 21st. Across all social platforms the music icon was honored. Within 24 hours 117 million Facebook interactions, 12.8 tweets and even a Purple Rain filter on Snapchat we’re used to pay respects to the 57-year-old phenomenon.

Tributes from some of the most powerful figures in the world were posted in remembrance. On Facebook Barack Obama, CNN, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake just to name a few added to the fire.

#PurpleRain comments started pouring in to Twitter soon after the death was announced and many used the platform to express their heart breaks and grief.

Prince was even honored on the little ghost app. Snapchat launched a “Purple Rain” filter and all day people around the world layered their pictures and videos with purple raindrops remembering the Prince of music. It was a simple touch, but a surprisingly beautiful movement.

News like this can be heard and felt so widely now with the social tools we have access to. Prince’s death made a global impact and brought together many people through the love and respect of one amazing human being.