Why Podcasting May Be Right for Your Business


Over the past few years, podcasts have taken off. Essentially, a podcast is on-demand talk radio, and you can listen to just about any and every type possible. A few popular categories are Educational, Business, True Crime, Comedy, News and Politics and Sports. You can find podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and any other streaming website. They’re easily accessible and entertaining, and they can help boost your business. We’re breaking down why it’s worth it for your company to invest in creating a podcast.

Tell your story 

Every business or brand has a story and so does yours. You’ve had a beginning, challenges and wins. So why not share your journey? A podcast is the perfect place to be real and open with your potential or current customers and explain the mission and core values behind your business.

With podcasts, there’s no need to be intimidated by a camera in front of your face. It’s just you telling your story. Ultimately, you want your consumers to feel invested and passionate about what you’re putting out into the world. By being vulnerable and open, you’ll have a better chance at getting others passionate about what you do and what you’re offering. 

Not only are you able to craft your podcast to speak to the specific audience that you are looking for. You’re able make your brand more approachable. It can be a challenge at times trying to get your audience to understand you or your ideas. Podcasting is a way to be intimate and easily accessible to your audience and potential customers. You can expand your network, too, by having other businesses leaders and professionals as guests on your podcast.


Podcasting is accessible

There’s no better time to start a podcast for your brand or business than now. The market is huge and constantly growing. You’re probably considering or already have incorporated video into your marketing strategy. In many ways, video is king of all things marketing. However, video is not reasonably accessible at all times. You can’t (or shouldn't) be watching a video while driving, at work, at the gym or running errands. What’s one thing that you can access at just about anywhere at any time? Audio.

Your consumers won’t have to carve out specific time to listen to your podcasts. They can plug in at any time and hear your story. The investment is minimal (we’re talking less than $100). There’s also no longterm commitment, which is a plus. There’s great potential in adding significant market value to your brand without the fear of losing a massive investment.  


If you’ve been wondering if podcasting is for you or your brand, the answer may be yes. Podcasting is a great way for consumers to get to know your brand on an entirely new level. It’s also another way to keep your audience plugged into your brand and vision. Want to see how we podcast? Check out the Imagine More Podcast

Story By: Taylor Wright