Platform by Platform: Understanding Where You Should Run Ads


With so many choices on where to run social media ads, deciding which platform is best for you can be quite a task. You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, and each platform prioritizes different kinds of objectives. Choosing the right one based on your goal can give you a better chance of success. 

Facebook and Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram are great places to start if you are new to social media advertising, and since Facebook owns Instagram, it’s simple to set up ads for both platforms. With so many people on Facebook (2.38 billion active users) and Instagram quickly growing, practically any company can find their target audiences on these platforms. 

There are several campaign objectives to choose from when designing an ad, including brand awareness, website traffic, page likes and engagement, just to name a few. Whether you’re trying to get more sales, gain followers or get your name out there, Facebook ads can help you reach those goals. Fashion, e-commerce and travel companies tend to see strong engagement rates with Facebook ads. With people of all ages and interests using both Facebook and Instagram, many industries succeed on these platforms too.

While ads can run across both platforms, you’re still able to edit placements to only show on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook’s audience is slightly older than Instagram’s audience, which may affect where you want to run your ads. Instagram is also adding the ability to shop within the platform, which is important to keep in mind if you want to advertise e-commerce products. 


LinkedIn is the No. 1 platform for business-to-business marketing. However, LinkedIn is on the more expensive side of social media advertising. Despite being somewhat pricey, LinkedIn is the best platform for advertising professional services and products. With a higher ad spend on LinkedIn, there’s a higher chance for success. 

If your main goal is to show your ads to other professionals or businesses, setting up a LinkedIn campaign is your best bet. These ads help build initial relationships with potential business partners or clients, establish strong connections with like-minded professionals and gain qualified leads. 


Pinterest users are planners and love new ideas for projects. The ads that perform best on this platform are from companies that highlight fashion, apparel, home design or recipes. People on Pinterest are also mainly women, so ads featuring products specifically designed for women perform well too. 

Ads on Pinterest have more limited objectives. For example, there are some ad spend thresholds that you have to reach in order to run conversion campaigns. Since Pins typically have a link attached to the images, traffic campaigns, or campaigns set up to get website visits, are very successful on Pinterest. If your company has a more creative side that you want to explore, Pinterest ads are a great way to test out some ideas. 


While most social media platforms consist of mainly millennial audiences, Twitter is especially popular for this demographic. Some of the most popular reasons people use Twitter include news updates, pop culture and technology. Companies with strong ties to these topics connect well with Twitter users, especially through ads. 

Just like any Tweet, Twitter ads have a limited number of characters you can use. Running Twitter ads that are clear and to the point will lead to the best results. 

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Story By: Keagan Ross