Planning the Perfect Photo Shoot

Planning the Perfect Photo Shoot

Big ideas are great, but what if you don’t know how to execute them? The planning that goes into photo shoots is crucial for great results. The Imagine Media creative team takes our photo shoots very seriously and it all starts will a good plan. Here are our top suggestions for planning photo shoots.


Explore Pinterest, Instagram and your favorite brands for inspiration and go from there. Are you telling a story, focusing on a holiday or special event? These things can help narrow down where to find inspiration. For Imagine Media it is important that we understand what our partners envision and we make a point to run ideas past them and hear their ideas as well.


After you have decided on an awesome theme, it's time to choose a location. The easiest options are the ones around you, you’d be surprised at what you can do in your own backyard or for us, our office! Imagine Media even goes above and beyond by creating our own set. Our partners are all unique and require different themes and locations so set design is something we love to do!




Models are a fun part of the photo shoot planning process. We love using friends, family and teammates as models, but we also work with an ATL agency that we love! Imagine Media has a running list of our previous models and usually pull from that list for future shoots.

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This is where the inspiration comes in the most, styling! We take the time to hand make props, track down necessary items to make a look and create a scene for the shoot. Not only do we style the set for the shoot, but the models as well. We let them know what to wear and how to wear their hair and makeup to make sure the shoot is cohesive.

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You’ve done the hard part by choosing your location, theme, and models, now its time for the fun stuff! Creating a mood board is one of our favorite things. We love gathering ideas and inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and so many other places! This is the part of the planning that our partners are really able to see and get a better understanding of their upcoming shoot. We start with a secret Pinterest board that we have been pinning to since they became a partner. Next we narrow down our favorite images and transfer them to a doc. Once the doc is filled and full of inspiration we send it to our partners for their approval!

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After you’ve completed those steps you’re ready to execute your photo shoot! Best of luck and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the best examples! 

Story by: Allie Shaak