4 Reasons You Should Start Prepping Your Ads for the Holidays Now


With heat waves running all over the country, winter holidays may be the last thing on your mind. While you may still be enjoying the warmth of summer, the holiday season is coming quicker than you think. With holiday shopping driving sales for many industries, prepping for the season now can help set your social media strategy up for success. Here are a few reasons why you should start planning your holiday advertising strategy now. 

1. People tend to purchase from brands they already follow

Research shows that 77% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they already follow on social media. The more familiar people are with your company, the more likely you’ll come to mind when they’re working on crossing things off their holiday shopping list.

To set yourself up for success, run brand awareness and page-like campaigns on social media now to help build your following before the holiday season hits. Getting in front of new people now could mean more sales down the road. 

2. Increased competition

During the holidays, more and more businesses are paying to play on social media. In fact, nearly 40% of small- and medium-sized businesses increase their advertising budgets during the holidays.

To prepare your brand for increased competition, interact with potential and current customers now so your brand is top of mind when they need to shop big. Now is also a great time to test different ideas for ads before other brands jump in. Giving yourself time now to see which ads perform best can give you a leg up on the competition when the holiday season arrives.

3. People are already planning

Have any friends or family members who are already finalizing holiday plans? While it may seem way too early to think about what you’re doing or buying this winter, research shows that many people have already started planning.

There’s actually an uptick in holiday-related searches starting as soon as June and continuing through December, according to a report Pinterest recently released. Since people are already deciding what to purchase this holiday season, running ads now that help your holiday strategy helps connect you with these planners.  

4. Big shopping days are sooner than you think

While Christmas may seem far off, big shopping days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday start far earlier than the holidays themselves. These major shopping days are starting in mid- to late November, which is coming up quicker than you think.

Giving yourself plenty of time to optimize ads for these shopping days can help lead more people to your brand right on time for the holidays. People also tend to plan out their shopping strategy for these big days, so running ads that they’ll see while they plan will make sure they remember your brand or store when deciding where to shop and what to buy. 

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Story By: Keagan Ross