Pinterest: Now Pinned at the Top


Amidst the slowing growth of Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is celebrating a milestone of 250 million users. Launched back in 2010, Pinterest has taken the world by storm allowing users to engage in a way that, prior to their launch, had yet to be tapped in to. With a single click of a button, hundreds upon thousands of ideas can now be saved in a highly organized manner.

Simply put, Pinterest allows users to search and save “Pins” based on key words entered in to a search bar located at the top of the page. From there, once clicking on a pin, they can save it to a board and refer back to it later. This concept allows users to save a plethora of ideas whether it be in regard to decorating a new home, making family-friendly meals, building your dream closet, or just simply creating a mood board. Pinterest makes it easy to save an idea and dive deeper into it at a time more convenient for you.

Pinterest, doesn’t stop there when it comes to sharing and saving ideas. With shared boards, users can collaborate with each other and post to one single board as a way to share their ideas.  With the added option to share your board on either another social platform or via email, the guest work in gift giving is now minimized. This feature, often utilized during the holiday season takes the guess work out of choosing the perfect gift for a family member or friend.

Why does this milestone for Pinterest come at such a crucial time in the world of social media?  While Twitter teeters between the idea of a non-chronological or chronological timeline and Facebook tightens their reign on fact checking, Pinterest creates a space for users based solely on their preferences. The can choose who they want to follow, scroll lists of trending topics, and ultimately create a feed based on what each of their users are interested in. On a platform where some of the most viewed content is pictures of puppies, delicious desserts, or perfectly styled outfits, it’s easily understood as to why Pinterest is now pinned at the top.

Story by: Marissa Rubin