Pin-Centives Went Down to Rio

For the past few Olympic games, Imagine Media client, Pincentives, has had the honor of being part of an elite squad. A team of Coca-Cola pin-bassadors went down to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympic games and returned to Tucker, GA with bags and bags of gold. Well, maybe not gold exactly. But in someone’s eyes, Olympic Pins are considered trading gold. The team plans to take these pins and trade them with local Olympic superfans and pin phanatics.

During their time spent in Rio, Coca-Cola pin ambassadors from the Pincentives team were able to mingle with athletes, celebrities and citizens of countries all over the world. Pin Trading has become a world of it’s own, bringing people together from different backgrounds and interests. Armed with memories that will last them a lifetime and pins to tell their stories, it’s safe to say that the Pincentives team will be back for more action in 2018.

Post by Carolyn Whalen