Photoshop 101: The Color Range Tool

When most think “Photoshop,” they see a magic tool that can change the color of an object with a touch of a button. While that is rarely ever true – there is a “magical” shortcut that everyone can master. When it comes to changing the color of an object the first tool that I try to use is the Color Range Tool.  If you want to blow your friend's mind with some “mad Photoshop skills” this is a tool that you are going to want to learn. This technique works best with really saturated block colors and the best pictures to manipulate are the ones with highly contrasted colors. With this tool you can easily turn your black converse into pink ones and white flowers into blue ones! So lets get down to business and learn my favorite - THE COLOR RANGE TOOL!

1.     The first thing that you will want to do to select out your color is create a new layer.

2.     Once you have created a new layer you are going to go to “Select” and scroll down to “Color Range.”

3.     You will now see a pop up – Click on the color you want to select with the eye dropper tool.

4.     Now is the fun part, you can play with the intensity and accuracy of the selection. If you want a harsh line where the color will be then intensify to 200. If your picture or graphic needs just a light and natural gradient with the color you are filling in, then knock down the intensity.

5.     Now that you have the object selected you’ll go to “Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Hue/Saturation” Now you can adjust the hue sliders and change to the color of your choice. Tip: To get a more detailed selection you can refine your layers.