Outsourcing Your Social Media


A big question of the our generation: Should your company hire a social media team from within or outsource to an agency? It depends on what your company needs and weighing those needs against your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Like most things, there are pros and cons to both structural strategies.

Every company’s goal is to succeed, and in order to succeed, the skillset of the team needs to be top-form. One of the many arguments against hiring a social media team from within is that it may not be the most time or cost-effective option. When hiring internally, a company would have to set aside time to interview and train new teammates — two extra steps that are also costly. A social media agency comes fully equipped with professionals ranging from copywriters, content creators and graphic designers who are experts at what they do, and would save executives the extra time that would be required in the training of a new department.

The argument can be made that an in-house social media team would be more closely tied to the company and therefore would care more for the company’s success than an agency would. However, in an agency setting, your company’s success is their success. Each party’s goal is to succeed and, in order to succeed, the client’s goals and mission will always remain the priority.

The two key factors when making this decision for your company are to keep in mind the current success of your company’s social media strategy and what the forward vision is. Whether your company is a start-up or an established organization, establishing a presence on social media is essential for continued growth and success. All in all, outsourcing your social media marketing to an agency who specializes in that niche is an excellent alternative to hiring an in-house social media team.

Story by: Mariana Duarte