Our Favorite Times of Day

Have you ever spent hours on a photo, reworded your caption a million times and finally posted only to get minimal likes? It’s more disappointing than taking a sip of water expecting it to be wine. Let us clue you in on some of our secrets. Certain times of the day will turn your posts into social media gold and other times...well people just don’t care. We’re here as your social media ‘know-it-alls’ to help you out!


Every social media platform is different.

Facebook: 1-4 pm, but closer to 1pm for the most shares.

Instagram: 1-4 pm. Companies and brands see the most success sharing during business hours. Sunday evenings are also popular times to be catching up with Instagram!

Twitter: 1-3 pm. However, 5 pm is the best time to expect a retweet.

Pinterest: The best times to pin are 8-11 pm on Saturdays.

Linkedin: 7-9 am and 5-6 pm. For the most part, workdays during business hours are the most popular for Linkedin activity.

At this point, you’re probably thinking “wow these people have no life if they’re sitting on their phones waiting to hit the perfect time for posting.” False! We do have lives and you can find us during our work day using scheduling apps to make sure we maximize our content at the perfect posting hour!

Apps we love:

Schedugram: Instagram

Tailwind: Pinterest

SproutSocial: Facebook and Twitter

Give it a whirl and track how well your posts do! You might find your followers have different times of day they are more likely to ‘like’ and share.


Written By: Carolyn Whalen