How to Optimize Pinterest Content + Increase Exposure

Pinterest isn’t just for mommy bloggers and DIY crafters anymore. It’s a full-blown search engine. Did you know a recent study found that Pinterest users conduct over 2 BILLION searches each month? Plain and simple, users are Pinterest are there to buy. Of the 250 million people logging on each month, 90 percent of them use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

If you’re a brand with a female target market anywhere between the ages of 24-45, you should be on Pinterest. Here’s why:

  • Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.

  • The median age of a Pinterest user is 40, but the majority of active Pinners are below 40.

  • Half of Pinterest users earn $50K or greater per year

If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest or haven’t used it since it’s early days, there are a few updates you should be aware of

The Following Tab

Pinterest took feedback from their users and found they want they want the best of both worlds -- to curate and discover. Now users can browse their ‘Following Tab’ to see content only from the people they follow. They can toggle back to their personalized home feed to discover content based on their interests.  


  • Hashtags have made their way to Pinterest adding another layer of search ability and opportunity for users to discover your brand. (97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Meaning, users are open and in discovery mode.)

  • Hashtags on Pinterest are served in order of the freshest content. (Don’t bother adding them to your existing Pins!)

  • How do you find the best hashtags to use on Pinterest? The best way to find your relevant hashtags for your post is to go to Pinterest itself. Start typing in descriptors of your product in the search bar and select the most relevant word or phrase that populates. Pinterest will populate similar keywords Pinners are also searching for at the top of your search results page. This is where you should start for your hashtags.

  • Hashtags should not replace the keyword rich description of your Pin, you should add them at the end. (Don’t use more than 20 in a single Pin!)

The Smart Home Feed

  • Previously, Pinterest’s algorithm served pins to your feed in real-time. So, as a brand, when you posted was very important, but that’s not the case anymore. Pins are now shown as “best first” instead of “newest first”. Pinterest’s Smart Feed uses a unique algorithm that prioritizes and ranks pins based on their quality.

  • Your Smart home feed is composed from:

    • Saved pins from users you’re following

    • Related pins

    • Pins from your interests


If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance you’re seriously interested in learning more about Pinterest strategies for your business. Whether you’re revamping or starting your presence from scratch, here are a few best practices we recommend implementing immediately:

  • Quality over quantity. Don’t pin all at once, be consistent.

  • Use quality imagery that clearly shows your product or gives context to your service

  • Optimize your titles + descriptions - use Pinterest to search for relevant keywords and hashtags to include in your titles & descriptions. Users can’t see your description anymore unless they click on your pin, but optimize both for the best results. (Think: descriptions get your pin served in searches while your title gets the user to click.)

  • Brand your boards, use keywords in the titles + descriptions and make sure they are properly categorized

  • Optimize your landing page for your pins - make sure wherever you link your pin, it is seamless for the user and relevant to your Pin

  • Check your analytics to see what is working and where you can improve. Look for impressions, engagements and link clicks.

Need to do a Pinterest overhaul? For best results to start really driving traffic, we recommend optimizing your Pinterest bio, boards, and pins with relevant keywords so that your content gets found. Try out the different tactics we shared above, and make sure to monitor your results. That way, if something is working, you can do more of it!

Story by: Maire McMahon