Oops, Sandoval Loves Instagram

Instagram addiction is a real thing, y'all. And even those higher than us normal folks are not immune to the new addiction sweeping the social media nation. Like, Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval, for example.

In a game against our own Atlanta Braves last week (the Braves won, thank you!), Sandoval got a bit bored during the game and went on a small 'liking' spree. Apparently, in what is a bit of TMI for myself, Sandoval 'liked' a couple of pictures of a woman during the 7th inning of the game while in the restroom, naturally. A Red Sox blogger, who must be keeping close tabs on Sandoval, spotted the public 'like' and tweeted out the players social media business. Cue trouble here. "Both MLB and the Red Sox have a rule that states players can't use their smartphones or other electronic devices from 30 minutes before the game starts until the end of the game." Sandoval was benched for one night and has learned his lesson, stating that "I know I [messed] up and made a mistake yesterday," Sandoval said. "I learned from that. I'm a human being. I made a mistake. I apologized to my teammates, the team, the organization, the fans who support us."

Alright, kids. Take this as a lesson. There is a time and a place for even such glorious things as Instagram, even for professional sport players. And especially so for you at work scrolling Instagram right now, and the college student taking Summer classes, and the bored teenager at a traffic light, and definitely the mother at the park unaware that her child is about to fall off of the slide. Let's go play ball folks, Instagram will still be there after the innings are all won, I promise.

Post by Allie Nute

Source: MLB