Excited To Start (so are we!)? What To Expect In Our Onboarding Process

Hooray, we can't wait to kick off our partnership! We're sincerely invested in your success, and can't wait to get started so soon! 

You may be curious: “What are the next steps?”, “Who is my main point of contact?”, “What is my role?”, "What do I need to do?"...

For some, this might be your first experience working with a social media agency (thank you for choosing us- you're truly making us blush!) and for some others; you may have had bad experiences with agencies in the past (let bigons be bigons, we promise you this time it will be a lot more fun).

We know that doing business remotely can be scary. So, to better put your mind at ease, we have put together the information below to help you understand the onboarding process at Imagine Media Consulting.


STEP 1: PROPOSAL APPROVED || The proposal is approved and signed via Panda Doc. (Que the team jumping up and down with excitement. We love working with really cool businesses!)

STEP 2: CONTRACT SIGNED & COUNTERSIGNED SENT || The countersigned agreement is sent your way.

STEP 3: QUESTIONNAIRE SENT || Once the Contract & CC Forms have been signed and sent back, the team will follow up with an extensive questionnaire to get to know you, your brand and collect your passwords.

It's imperative to the timeline and completion of the starter set up tasks that this document is completed by the start date of your agreement. That's right... we really really need that document by the start date (ahem ahem Monday). We're here for you and cheering you on, YOU CAN DO IT! 

STEP 4: TEAM ASSIGNED || Your account is reviewed internally that Monday at our weekly Pump Up The Jams Meeting and a dedicated team is assigned to your account. From there an email introduction is sent your way. Get to know the Imagineers here

Imagine Media Team

STEP 5: KICK OFF EMAIL || Your Social Media Coordinator will contact you to schedule a kick-off call/appointment by Tuesday.

STEP 6: ANALYZING COMPETITORS & STRATEGY CREATION || The Imagineers get busy to work revamping your profiles and drafting a thoughtful strategy for you review. Baseline reporting is established and reviewed with you and your team. (This is a fundamental element to judge our progress moving forward.) We <3 Goals.

On the subject of goals, we tend to get a lot of questions about how much growth to expect on each platform. That's a great question and the answer is it depends on a number of different things. Below are general expectations for growth in your first three months working with Imagine Media. Get excited!

Facebook: 30 - 12,000+ new followers
Instagram: 800+ new followers

Growth depends on:

  • Advertising spend and budget– Are you spending $0 per month, $100 or $1,000?
  • Number of existing followers– Followers tend to grow exponentially, so if your account is starting at 0 or less than 1,000 it will likely take longer to gain those initial followers than an account that already has 10,000 followers
  • Range of services with Imagine Media– If you’re only posting three times per week, with no additional services, growth will likely be slower. Community management, consistent & branded photos & videos are a key part of fast follower growth.
  • Industry– Some industries have much larger audiences of potential customers on social, such as e-commerce, fashion & jewelry, than B2B or more niche industries. Additionally, a local page will likely grow more slowly than a national or international brand.

Twitter: 100+

The factors that apply to  Facebook & Instagram apply here too, along with these additional considerations:

  • Frequency– The life span of a Tweet is only about a minute. The more you post, the easier it is to gain new followers.
  • Trending topics & hashtags– This largely falls under community management but capitalizing on trending hashtags is essential to a Twitter growth strategy.

LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube

For these platforms, followers are, quite frankly, just not the main goal. They do not impact the reach of posts and, while we measure and report on follower growth, other metrics such as engagement and clicks to the website are more important!

STEP 7: BEHIND THE SCENES WORK || The first few days will serve as an administrative/organization week. This will allow Imagine Media to structure a campaign around your objectives and complete the starter setup responsibilities.

STEP 8: LET'S MEET || At the end of the first week we encourage a face-to-face meeting to become better acquainted, walk through the questionnaire and quarterly goals. Week 2 we'll meet again to walk through the proposed strategy and first week of content. 

STEP 9: START BOOGYING || Week 3 hits and the content creation & posting begins! Wohoo!

STEP 10: OPEN COMMUNICATION || From there we are full steam ahead and will be chatting with you and your team on a weekly basis.

Scheduled weekly/bi-weekly conversations are set up to discuss campaign progress, recommendations, trends, etc. We urge you to communicate with your Social Media Team as often as necessary....well.... except on the weekends or after 6:00pm. Our Tweeting/Texting/Instagramming thumbs need a break every once in a while after all. :)

That said, we love communication and encourage extreme transparency and honesty throughout our entire partnership. Read more about on Core Values here

Well, I think that just about wraps it up! You deserve a high five. 

Please email or call with any questions along the way. We're thrilled to begin working together and so thankful that you picked Imagine Media Consulting. Cheers to a great partnership!