On the Rise: Messaging Apps

The days of going into a store and having a conversation about a product are phasing out. With online communication so present in this digital age, more people prioritize that over face-to-face communication. With increasing popularity in this communication style, Facebook published a new report showing just how much of a benefit it yields for businesses.

Privacy scandals and digital histories that can later be used against you are what has driven the shift from public messaging to more private communication according to the report. The Facebook report indicates that more than 8 billion messages are now being shared between users and businesses each month.

Users can go to a business’ Facebook page and ask questions about a service or product.  They can find out specifics such as price, color, size, etc. and get answers fairly quickly without the hassle of going into the store. Customers can see how soon a specific business typically replies and are usually assured of the response time.

With the strength of the digital world today, customers are more likely to turn to messaging apps for simple inquires. The idea that they can ask a question and get real-time feedback strengthens the bond between clients and companies. This is why it’s so important to have an online customer service presence for your company. At Imagine Media, our team tackles community management for our partners and are skilled at creating those positive online interactions with an audience.

Story By: Marissa Rubin