Sometimes we are tempted to (happy) cry, jump up and down and cheer with excitement. This week was one of those weeks. We had the honor of working with Anna Sanders on our brand re-launch and boy oh boy did she under-promise and over deliver! 

We were encouraged earlier this year to dive deeper in our brand, our core values, and our visual identity. Our previous logo (little secret: I created that bad boy on a Word Document using a free font. Que nails on a chalkboard for any designer) although great and fine and served a wonderful purpose the past 3 years....lacked brand identity and our voice. We were ready for something new, fresh, bold and a logo that felt more like us'. 

Fast forward a few months and wallah- our new look! Just like that Anna was able to perfectly capture our team dynamic, our company culture, and everything we hope to accomplish in the future all bundled up in a pretty little package.

I wanted to include a few snapshots of her creative mind and how we were able to take her concept and curate a blend of mood boards and brand guidelines. We hope you love our new look just as much as we do and if you're on the hunt for an amazingly talented designer, we all <3 and admire Anna, give her a shout! 

Here is our #NewlyImagined look- Cheers.