New Partner: MADabolic Atlanta

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Say hello to MADabolic Atlanta, your new favorite strength and conditioning gym and Imagine Media’s newest partner! This isn't your typical spin class or cardio training; these workouts will drive you mad, in the best way possible.  

MADabolic Inc. brings a new and high standard to those who love to workout and push their bodies to be the best they can be. This program is backed by countless years of athletic experience and science. Every single exercise is designed for a specific purpose and will provide you with long-lasting results

MADabolic’s focus: 

  • Strength and Conditioning: Their focus is to sharpen your everyday athletic movement, all while fueling your athletic passion. 

  • Signature Intervals: Protocol M.A.D. is designed around work-to-rest ratios. The pace and high intensity that each workout presents is one like no other.  

  • Lean and Athletic: Train like the hardcore athlete you are and see the results manifest in a lean and athletic physique.

Protocol M.A.D. 

Photo: MADabolic Atlanta  Facebook

Photo: MADabolic Atlanta Facebook


Designed to bring together your athleticism and endurance, momentum intervals with a 2:1 work to rest ratio will begin to bring out your inner athlete. You can expect combination of dynamic movements laced with plyometrics and multi-directional agility. 


It’s time to put your speed and power to the test. This workout will get your heartbeat pumping with a 1:1 work-to-rest ratio. You’ll be doing a combination of heavy and explosive movements that are paired with cardiovascular sprints. 


It’s all about your strength and stamina. Get your workout grind on with this 3:1 work-to-rest ratio. You’ll have a gritty selection of weighted carries, primal mobility and unilateral stability work. 

Are you mad for MADabolic yet? 

We sure hope so!

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Story by: Taylor Wright