New Partner: Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co.

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest partner, Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co.

Many of the most admired products in the world were the result of a “happy accident,” and Edwin + Sons happens to be one of them. While on the way to a dinner party and without a bottle of wine in sight, founder Russel Schaumburg was forced to get creative and create his own cocktail. 

This “happy accident” resulted In the mixing of a batch of craft cocktails which were served in the only containers Russel had on hand: Mason jelly jars. The perfect size, strength, and look, and all you had to do was twist the lid off, add ice and enjoy. After sending his brother Zach a batch of the newly crafted cocktails, they soon realized they had something special, and Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. was born.

Edwin + Sons was named to honor the brothers’ father, Edwin W. Schaumburg. To the Edwin + Sons Cocktail Co. family, this is more than a cocktail company; it’s a celebration of simplicity and goodness; a family business infused with the spirit of our dad and the qualities he embraced and embodied.

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Story By: Mariana Duarte