New Partner: Bezoria

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Meet our newest Food and Beverage partner, Bezoria!

Some of the most memorable companies are started when a thought transforms into a vision, and Bezoria is no exception. Originally coworkers at the same restaurant in Chicago, the founders, Yogi and Mo teamed up and immediately knew the concept had to be taken to Atlanta. Yogi had his first taste of Bezoria’s food and, a year later, what was first just an idea, Bezoria was created. 

Bezoria brings the Middle Eastern delicacies into every dish they serve. Anything from chicken shawarma to falafel, they stay true to being the “MidEast StreetEats” in every city. 

Located in Midtown, Cumberland, and Alpharetta, make sure to stop in and experience Middle Eastern food by the ones who know it best.

Story by: Mariana Duarte