NBA Getting Their Head in the Millennial Game

Hoping to appeal to a younger, millennial crowd, the NBA has started the NBA Playmaker’s Network. With the help of Broadband TV, the NBA is wanting to highlight the creations of talented fans as well as any content that may appeal to the targeted millennial audience. While most professional sports leagues and professional media networks issue take-down notices for user-generated content, the NBA is welcoming it with open arms and using it to get a feel for what a younger audience is looking for. The NBA is providing assets from the Every Second Counts Commercial and urging creators to make their own versions of the video using personal style and creativity. They also want young, inspiring artists to use this process as a production learning tool. If you're wanting to participate though, you might have to wait just a little bit. The NBA has handpicked their first batch of young artists to create unique content. If you want in, you'll have to go through an application process and be approved by the NBA. We knew it was too good to be true...


With a bright, user-friendly website, the NBA promises free tickets, front row passes and a wide range of VIP treatment to content creators wanting to participate. They’re even offering a chance to collaborate on official NBA content in the future and show the pros how it’s done. The project is heavily backed by Youtube and Broadband TV with BBTV boasting 76,000+ creators, 15B+ monthly views and the world’s number one multi-platform network.

The only thing that’s lacking? The social media pages designed for the brand itself. When looking at the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter designed for the NBA Playmaker’s Network, they all have few likes/followers and even fewer posts. How is a campaign going to cater towards young millennials and not have a MASSIVE social media presence? This might hinder the campaign’s popularity. It is also hard to watch other creators content without having an account. The website only shows a frontpage until an account is created. 

So what do you think? Is the NBA off to a great start at targeting a younger audience or will their efforts miss the basket?

Story by: Hannah Baumgarten