National Days in Your Marketing Strategy

Given that we’re in the social media business, we love any excuse to incorporate a strategic hashtag into our posts! National days are a very useful tool that we use to build out marketing calendars for our partners. When you map out an annual marketing calendar, national days are a great way to fill in the gaps between the commercial, well-known holidays that your business may use in their advertising campaign.

If you take a look at a National Day Calendar, you’ll quickly see that there’s a national day for just about everything! To some, this may seem trivial, but to the strategic marketer these "hashtag holidays" can be leveraged and used to generate engagement from your followers.

For example, our food and beverage partners are great candidates for utilizing national days to their marketing advantage. There’s a national day for just about every food group, from tequila to rose and burritos to caramel popcorn. Celebrating food and beverage elements by running specials and promoting them through social media posts will generate engagement and encourage customers to visit.

Hashtag holidays aren’t just reserved for the food and beverage industry, however. With days like #NationalPuppyDay, #NationalSelfieDay, and #NationalProposalDay, there’s always a creative way to incorporate a few into a marketing calendar no matter what line of work you’re in. Some of the more sentimental themes, like #NationalFriendshipDay, can even be used as an opportunity to show the more human side of your company if this is something that your social strategy is lacking.

Once you’ve mapped out the National Days you’d like to promote, come up with a strategy surrounding the day, including hyping it up a few days prior. This will allow you to join in on trending topics and increase your audience reach. There are so many opportunities to draw attention to your brand through national days such as creating campaigns, promoting a product, or sharing photos that relate back to the national day. The overall goal is to use the day to develop more creative ways to connect with your target audience. 

There are also a few tactics to avoid with national days. First of all, don’t overdo it; you don’t need to promote every single day that is remotely on brand. It’s also important to be aware of other days that may align with the national day. Avoid posting anything that could be controversial or in poor taste if it coincides with a more somber occasion or well known holiday. 

National days, when incorporated appropriately, are a great tool to showcase your business' personality and create conversations related to your business. Be on the lookout for how we'll be celebrating our favorite national day of the year, #SocialMediaDay on June 30th!

Story By: Sophie Duncan