My Experience as an Imagine Media Ambassador

At this point, I’m over halfway through my time at Imagine Media and as sad as I am to be close to wrapping up, I’ve been thrilled with my experience. From the time period between being hired and officially starting and getting into my tasks, working at Imagine has been everything I could have asked for and more. I wish everyone could be an ambassador here because of the truly fulfilling experience I’ve had.

I walked in the doors at Imagine in the beginning of May, a little nervous about starting my first internship. I was worried that all of the other ambassadors would be more qualified than me and that I wouldn’t know how to do my work. Can anyone else relate? I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the door and got to meet six other ambassadors! What else could I have asked for? I was going to being making friends that I could take back with me to UGA. The work thing wasn’t even worth stressing about- the team here did such a great job explaining how to use all of the platforms we use day to day and has been so patient while we take it all in. That is one of the things I would consider unique to Imagine Media - they don’t expect you to know it all and while every company probably claims that, I’ve discovered that is completely true here. Coming into this internship, it was super comforting to hear that from the team first hand. Plus they were right, you will learn how to do everything. After a couple of weeks, I’d officially learned how to do most of my day to day tasks.

They say that no day in this industry is alike, and they are right. While my weekly tasks are similar from week to week (which is perfect for this type A planner), my day to day varies. Some days I attend photoshoots just to watch the magic that is the creative team or sit in on calls with partners whose I work on. Sometimes I even attend partners events at Braves games (thanks Schiff Real Estate)! Each day there is so much going on at the office or on a shoot that there is always something to do if you need a break from your daily tasks. One of the best parts about being an ambassador at Imagine is that you’re encouraged to do it all. The team here wants you to participate in anything and everything possible to dip your toes into different aspects of this business. That truly is one of my favorite parts of being an ambassador here (besides the fact that we actually do real work, not just intern tasks!).

Being an ambassador at Imagine Media is truly being a part of the team. Since the company is smaller, it gives us the opportunity to really invest in being a team member. We’re treated no different from the full-time employees and get all the perks of attending team events! Every quarter, there is a team activity after work to celebrate the success of the quarter. The specific activity ranges depending on who plans it, but this is a chance to get to know the team members. There doesn’t even have to be one of these events to get the opportunity to hang out with the team. Since the office is such a great location, lots of the team eats at the surrounding restaurants. Joining in on lunch one day with someone who you don’t work closely with is a great chance to get to know them on a personal level and make a connection outside of work!

One of the most valuable parts of this internship has been discovering if this is the work that I want to do when it’s time to get my big girl job. As an advertising major, I feel like I’ve mostly been exposed to the traditional advertising agency structure. Although it’s something I’m interested in, I knew I wanted to explore the social media niche. As social media has become such an important part of company’s success, so has the market for companies who do this job. Interning here for the summer has opened a whole new set of doors for me. It’s allowed me to see what a career in social media marketing would be like.

I could not recommend my experience at Imagine Media highly enough. Being an intern here for the summer has been so great and I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!

Story by: Anna Kate Newall