Meet the Team: Jesse

Hey folks! My name is Jesse — Jess for short — and I’m thrilled to be the newest intern here at Imagine Media! 

Born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, I opted for a change of scenery my senior year of high school and moved to the ATL. I will always be a northern girl at heart, but I’ve learned to say “y’all” instead of “you guys” and admittedly, this city is pretty great. I find that it’s not hard to find new, creative faces to surround myself with anywhere I go around here. 

I’m currently rounding out my last semester at Kennesaw State University and after that I plan to put my communications degree and media studies to good use! I couldn’t be more excited to graduate, especially in the midst of finding my niche and expanding my creative horizons. Taking a couple of graphic design classes throughout my college years has piqued my interest and now I’m constantly watching tutorials in my free time. Drawing, typography, and a little bit of amateur photography (big emphasis on the amateur), and basically anything right-brain oriented are all on the long list of things I want to be doing with my postgrad life; now it’s just a matter of finding out how my passions will work together in my future. I know my time here will play a big part in that!

When I’m not in the office or in class, I’m quite the weekend warrior. Quiet days at home are few and far between with an active dog and arguably even more active friends. You can find me either out to play with Maximus, my fur child, or romping around the city with my best friends and exploring the endless number of places I’ve yet to find. This year has only just started, and my list of things to do and places to go has already stretched over a mile long. There is nothing more thrilling to me than the potential to meet new people and places. As the late and great F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want to.” I certainly aim to make it big. 

Story By: Jesse Wiley