Meet the Team: Emma

Emma is so excited to join the Imagine team! She's only just started, but she can already tell it’s going to be the most amazing experience with the most wonderful people.

She from Dunwoody, Georgia (right outside of Atlanta), and she loves it so she wanted to find something in Atlanta for the summer. She cannot live anywhere where it gets too cold; even Georgia winters can get too cold for her. She goes to Wake Forest University in North Carolina, but she thinks the chilly winters are going to push her to come back to Atlanta after she graduates.

She is a rising junior at Wake Forest University, and she is pursuing a major in Business and Enterprise Management with a concentration in marketing and minors in German and Psychology. That’s a mouthful she just has a variety of interests so she couldn’t choose just one. When people used to asked her what she wanted to do after college she would respond “I don’t know. I either want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a social worker, or something in business.” So basically she was all across the board. Luckily she finally zeroed in on marketing after taking her first marketing class. Now the question is what she wants to do in marketing…

She loves to stay busy by being involved in a lot of different things like being in a sorority, the Traditions Council at Wake, a mentor program, and a variety of fundraisers and charity events. She also likes to keep a full class schedule because she is more productive when she has a lot she needs to get done. She's one of the ones who doesn’t sign up for a class just because it’s easy. She likes a challenge! When she does have free time, she will almost definitely be playing with her dogs, hanging out with her friends and family, or watching Friends. Fun fact: she's watched all ten seasons Friends from start to finish 5 times.